World Culture Networks

 WCN(World Culture Networks) is a cultural mediator as well as an affiliate company
of Youngsan Group and is located in Vienna which is the heart of Europe.

Classical Concert 

WCN hosts and organizes various classical concerts and patronizes
musicians in order to develop their careers.

 Europe Tour

Salzburg Festival, Vienna Boys Choir Camp, European tour of Korean art groups, etc.
We help art organizations, music lovers and future musicians advance into Europe.

International Masterclass

WCN hosts educational programs with globally distinguished
artists so as to provide opportunities for young artists to learn
the world of art in depth. 

International Friendship Concert

WCN hosts international friendship concerts every year.
WCN aims to contribute back to our society through culture,
helps musicians to stand on stages, and plays a role of
cultural diplomat for firm relationship among various nations.

Charity Concert

Since 2005, WCN has personally contributed to the society
by various voluntary work for people in need. WCN hosts
not only visiting concerts every month but also fund-raising
concerts every December to share love and hope.

Performance & Artist

WCN represents numerous artistic performances of various genres
and has been hosting diplomatic activities to understand
and share each other’s culture.

SEOUL OFFICE (World Culture Networks Co Ltd)

Address  : 서울 서초구 바우뫼로 215, 6층(06740)
6F, 215, Baumoe-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, R. of Korea 06740

Tel.  : +82 2 2183 1291

E-mail :

VIENNA AUSTRIA (HQ) (World Culture Networks GmbH)

Address  : Donau-City-Straße 6 2.OG Top 2,
                   1220 Vienna, Austria

Tel.  : +43 1 522 62 43 82

E-mail :